Web Hosting

Are you tired to watch your website being off line, out of order and not working? Are you tired to lose money because of the hosting company that is not doing it’s job as it should? Maybe it’s the time to choose another website hosting company trustful and reliable, with a good uptime… Maybe it’s time to get in touch with SecureNet Systems. You won’t be disappointed!



A new betting website for Italy has been launch: Betfair.it. The biggest British online betting company made live their betting platform for Italian punters. Unfortunately you can bet on that site only if you are an Italian citizen.

Free Charts

FreeCharts.com are stock quotes and stock charts providers for free. They also offer free trading kits and investment tools so that you can optimize your incomings from stock exchange. All you need is time and patience to study all the infos they provide.

Wood Furnances

If you want to build a heating system for your house, could be a good idea to take a look at what the outdoor furnance dealers offer. Take a close look at their prices and chose your furnances. Tip: I would chose wood furnances.

MikesCigars – New Website and New Catalog

http://www.MikesCigars.com, a leading cigars distributor in USA – Florida, has launched a nice looking new website and a new cigars catalog. Take a look at heir website and if you want a tip: choose Arturo Fuente – they are my favorites 😀

How to Build a Robot

Here is a short video tutorial about how to build the simplest possible robot. You only need a toothbrush, a watch battery and a pager motor. 😉

Cigars – how it’s made

Some images about the manufacturing of the Cuban cigars: